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Our Staff have searched through the RightNow Media content and have curated the best and most relevant content for our community. There is great content on RightNow Media, but we think these studies are the best!

Get Out of Your Head -- Jennie Allen

“In all of my years of Bible study, I have never found a study on Philippians that cuts right to my heart, like this study does. Jennie Allen has really done something special.

(Length: 6, 20 minute videos)
– Recommended by Gloria for Women

The Mr. Phil Show - Phil Fischer

Our favorite Veggie Tales producer, Phil Vischer, has developed a new series of short videos for kids! The Mr. Phil show is “filled” with great scriptural content and fun, interactive characters that will help our kids to understand God.

(Length: Multiple Seasons, 25 minute videos)
– Recommended by Brittany for The Kiddos

20 Inches to Mercy -- Louie Giglio

This sermon helped me to realize that sometimes we need that “in your face” talk. These are difficult times and we need to be actively seeking God and thinking hard about the choices we are making and what is really important, our relationship with Him!

(Length: 41 minutes)
Recommended by Joanne

Grace-Based Parenting - Tim Kimmel

This conference video series is so helpful for families of adoptive or foster children. Parents and children, both, need to understand God’s grace for these beautiful and often challenging relationships. I would encourage all of our families to watch this!

(Length: 5 Sessions, 20-54 minutes)
-Recommended by Scott for 

The Art of Neighboring -- Dave Runyon

“Dave Runyon is a local to our Denver Community and has done some great work here in Arvada to bring church leaders together for focused ministry. We heard him preach to our community back in 2016 on this very same subject.”

(Length: 4, 10 minute videos)
– Recommended by 
Nathan for “mission-hearted”

Worship Nuggets -- The Worship Initiative

Worship leaders, “Shane and Shane” (Shane Bernard & Shane Everett), have been leading and producing incredible worship music for over 20 years. Their “Worship Initiative” brings together other popular worship leaders to discuss music, the church, and leading in worship.

(Length: 9 sessions)
– Recommended by Gloria for Worshipers

321 Penguins - BigIdeas

This is such a fun, goofy show that kids will love. They weave in some biblical teaching into each episode while the characters discover what it means to work together to solve problems.

(Length: 2 Seasons, 23 minute videos)
-Recommended by Scott for Kids

Grace-Filled Marriage - Tim Kimmel

We facilitated this course during our Tuesday’s Together about two years ago. The response was incredible! Tim Kimmel has a way of discussing the challenges of marriage in a way that is familiar and allows for open conversation between couples. If you were unable to attend this course, I challenge you and your spouse to purchase the study guide and do this course together!

(Length: 8 Sessions, about 30 minutes)
-Recommended by Scott for Couples

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